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Guidelines for writing articles

  1. One (1) to three (3) page articles
  2. Articles must be of interest to the construction industry (i.e projects, construction contract law, ADR, cost control, programming and planning etc)
  3. The content of the article must be informative and educational
  4.  One, two or three columns
  5. Single line spacing
  6. Font size 11
  7. Font: Calibri
  8. Margins: 1.7 cm all around
  9. Language must be clear and the tone must be non-offensive
  10. Text must be justified
  11. Any authority/sources used must be acknowledged and referenced
  12. Content must be accurate and contain a headline (sub-headline is optional), introductory, body and conclusion. Headings and sub-headings are optional
  13. Authors may include a photo of themselves with their names and designation with/without any further particulars
  14. Any images included in the article must be available for commercial use and sources must be acknowledged. The Author indemnifies IICArb (International Institute of Construction Arbitrators) against any claims from third parties and any damage/loss incurred by IICArb relating to the publication of images and content of the article
  15. Images used must be relevant to the subject matter of the article
  16. Articles published do not represent the views and expressions of IICArb
  17. IICArb has the sole discretion whether to publish articles
  18. We may request that changes be made to your article before publishing same

By submitting your article to IICArb, you consent to the above and holds us harmless against any damages/claims associated with your article.