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Please read through the terms and conditions before logging in

  1. Only those registered for a course, and whose registration is active is entitled to access and use the Student Portal
  2. The information published in the student portal is the property of IICArb (save for textbooks and such other material belonging to third parties) and is protected under Copyright Laws.  Accordingly, students are advised that distribution of information/documentation through electronic means or otherwise, and any reproduction thereof is strictly prohibited, save with the express consent of IICArb.
  3. IICArb reserves the right to suspend or terminate access to the student portal for any reason whatsoever and at IICArb’s sole discretion.
  4. Access to the student portal will be suspended if the student’s fees are in arrears.
  5. Any relaxation of these terms and conditions shall not constitute a waiver of any rights by IICArb.
  6. Students will only be entitled to download certain materials in document form, for the purposes of i.e printing same (for those students preferring to work from a hard copy document).  Other content such as videos may not be downloaded – the student can only view this information online in the student portal.
  7. By using the student portal, the student agrees to these terms and conditions and acknowledges that he/she understands same.