Membership Registration

IICArb offers the following types of membership:- Panel Membership, Faculty Membership.

Panel member registrations are available to individuals who wish to register on IICArb’s panels for mediators, adjudicators, and arbitrators.  Faculty member registrations are available to those individuals who wish to present training for IICArb.

Panel Membership

To register on IICArb’s panel(s) for Mediators, Adjudicators and Arbitrators, please complete the panel application form below and send the signed and completed form together with the following documents to:

  • Copy of ID/Passport
  • Curriculum Vitae

Please take note of our Panel Membership criteria.

Registered Panel Members enjoy automatic ‘regular’ membership.

Faculty Membership

If you are interested in offering training (e-learning, webinars, online videos, events) for IICArb, you can apply for Faculty Membership registration.